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Body DysmorphiaThought

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The things I’ve been told this week:
“You are a girl you should be in the kitchen”
“why can’t you understand that you can’t hang out with boys” they are literally my cousins and I grew up with them
“put a t-shirt on we can see your front there’s boys on the road”
“that dress is short” changes it “it’s too long now, where do you think we’re going?”
“since when do you know how to walk in heels? remove it”
“look at you you’re fat”
" look at your belly you look like a frog"
wears natural hair “it doesn’t look good change it”
there’s more but I can’t post it

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Dude you seem soo disturbed… It’s okay try to ignore(ik it’s not easy)… But there’s nothing u could do
Their perception of who you are doesn’t define you
Don’t let it affect you so much… Do what you love… It’s your life… Live for your happiness


Hey i think u should talk it out with them ik it’s hard but look either u ignore all of it or else take your stand and talk it out tell them they are noone to tell you all this u r amazing just the way you are!

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If they would’ve listen I wouldn’t be here


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