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The things I regret up on myself
3.pretend to be happy for the longest time anxiety
5.not caring about myself
6.seeing how I need someone by me

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Things that are not in your control:
1. Life (everyone has their ups and downs and we have no control over it. Never blame yourself for it)
2. Happiness- you can choose to be happy, yes, but again external factors may affect this. Allow yourself to be sad so that u can actually close the past with a bang and move on for real.
3. Anxiety - I mean tell me, did u invite your anxiety and ask it to be by your side? Then how can u blame yourself?
You do care about yourself which is why u are here seeking the path to attempt to be better like the rest of us. We are all with you in this journey. Create an environment where you can unapologeticly love yourself with all your heart. You will attract great deal of happiness, love, friends, partner etc. Don’t let anything dull your shine. Make it the top priority to help yourself out if this.


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