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Avni @avni

The thing about anger that I realised quite late in life, was that the anger, like all other uncomfortable, unsettling, out of control emotions, was my friend. As people who try to control anger, we try to put a full stop at it, avoiding this murky feeling that leaves us out of sorts. If used the right way, anger could be used to our benefit, even in the most difficult of situations. Anger, if accepted as a pure form of energy, is a great motivator. Observe your anger and give it a positive, feasible goal to achieve. It takes the mind off of wallowing in injustice and self loathing and instead gives it a positive direction.

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Jahnvi Kumar @jahnvikumar

Not everybody is capable of looking at the brighter side of things that are conceived negatively almost all across the world. Your perspective is fresh and it could change somebody else’s who must be going through a rough patch trying to deal with anger issues. Thank you for spreading the positivity. Have a good day!

Avni @avni

Thank you for your words. This perspective was borne out of emotional misery that came with housing all of that unchecked emotions. I am glad i could be of someone’s help.:)


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