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The strange feeling!

I’ve never felt this way. A glimpse of memory is always there in my back of mind. Butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about him. It’s funny though I don’t know him yeah! I feel joyful and worth being liked. I can spend hours thinking about it. Sure, it was a memorable trip which I’ll never forget, there were moments when I was feeling exhausted and low as fuck. I’ve experienced a lot of things which I couldn’t describe in words.

Sometimes talking to a stranger solves your all problems for me, he was the one although I’ve not shared my problems with him, but the moments we spent together were enough.

I feel fricking embarrassed writing all this. Telling this all to someone is not my thing ig, but probably they will end up judging me.

Somewhere in my heart, It feels like it’s not me and couldn’t accept this all (always a strange feeling is there whenever I give it a read).

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Sure it is…the time spended with the one are always on our mind no matter in what situation we are…
At the end- yessss!!! those were the day’s 😐🙃🙃🙃🙃


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