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Suicidal IdeationThought

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The stigma around ending someone’s life should just be ended. There are times in life when nothing works out. Just nothing. Doesn’t matter whether it gets better or not. But what about me? What if I can’t take this suffering anymore? What if my depression never gets better and it eats me up 24*7? Why am I not allowed to kill myself for the sake of people who know me? I’m getting to experience my suffering. No one else is. Then why can’t I just end it? They’ve created this society for all the successful above average people and made it miserable for us below average ones. And whenever we think of Killing ourselves, " what about your family?" Then give me a reason for living for my family. Give me a Effing reason. They created all the jobs for the academically sound ones and never even think of giving the less a chance. They reject us what skills we know. But never ask why we don’t know it. Never even give us the opportunity to learn from the ABCs. Education is so expensive for us below average people since no quality colleges will take us. And no private colleges want us for less money. Why are things like this? Why can’t I just end it all and be done with it? They’ve made dreaming illegal for us mediocres.

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Anon01 @wanderer01

Not for anyone else, but for yourself…live.
I know it’s easier to be said than done. I might not know what it’s like being in your shoes.
But hey we’re all gonna die eventually. So let it happen when its time. Don’t kill yourself. It’s never a solution. Just pause everything for some while. Take deep breaths. Savour life just as it is. With its sweetness, & bitterness. If had to, don’t hesitate to start from bottom. Take baby steps.
And honestly i agree with your point about below average ppl. I felt the same way too…

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