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Rex Wrter @gaeds

The stained grey skin in a suit of moonlight
It will wear off by the heat of our hands for sure
Raging in the tears reflected in the mirror so tight
It is your heart that makes it catch up with the shadow

The bright colored days that won’t be forgotten

Even so that-

The happiness would be sought
Beyond the lies and the piled up distrust
Even if it would turn it’s back to me
The innocent laugh would hold it together

That day you cried with me
Soaked in my dreams that were beyond time
Locked in a hidden lulaby
We sang it
Without realizing the meaning

Of course, one day comes and it is all a shame
Didn’t I know that we would share the pain?
Teared away secrets and promises would-
Soon make their way

Even so then-
If I had a chance to admit
Leaving my reasoning behind just to commit
I wouldn’t ask a thing, just for once-
I would see your face…

It is a lie that is burried
As of my now, the way, I look back and see the fog
Between your cheeks and something I can’t recall

Everything is buried in my hands with a heaviness I can no longer hold

Even if I-

Couldn’t revive
Figure out
That moving in the different direction would leave me lonesome-

I have a piece in my heart, telling me
The dreams would come back with their melancholia

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