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The situation is very fucked up with me and my ex girlfriend.
We were very great together and neither of us did anything that hurt anyone of us. After 2 months of being in a relationship i started overthinking and i felt as if i dont like her so it was a very prompt decision of mine that i broke up with her but later i realised that i was just protecting myself from loving her so i convinced her to come back and she did. It was going smooth and suddenly her parents got to know about us and we had to break up even though thats not what we wanted, we both are head over heels in love with each other. A few days past by and i made out with someone else and she got to know about it. I made out with someone else thinking that it will me move on. I have apologised to her as much i could and she knows that i regret what i did.
Now the situation is she loves me but she doesn’t want me and i am pretending to act strong and as if I don’t care but deep down i am literally crazy for her.
Is there any chance that things can be better between us, i want to be a better person for her thats why i am focusing on myself rn and if there are chances that we can get back then can you guide me how?

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jai kumar @falconxx57

Well trust me everything does happen for a reason. This is what life is all about sometimes the best people in our life are meant to be out best companions. If you truly love just let her go even if she wanted to comeback dont let her . Tell her about your true feelings just everything she will truly understand what you truly want and trust me everything doesnt needs to end on a good note in life. In the end, god is waiting for all of us !


How old are you guys ?

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

About to turn 18


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