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Shunya 🔆 @chosenone

The problem with most guys today is that they have ZERO social skills.

The last 2 years have only amplified this problem.

They’re glued to screens and consume themselves in netflix and texting hoes that won’t even fuck them.

If you know anybody like this, i urge that person to get out of their house and go to places where there are people.

The easiest place is the gym.

You build your muscles and mind, and at the same time you’re surrounded by likeminded energy- people focused on their goals.

You can easily go up to any person and start a conversation because there is commonality- Working on your fitness.

Put yourself in extreme situations to build long lasting friendships.

This is why SEAL soldiers have such a tight bond.

They’ve been through hell and back.

This is also why people from the same countries in a foreign country band together.


The easiest way to build friendships.

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