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The pressure to choose the right job.
You are a girl, find a job where you can fulfill your household duties.
You are a boy, why do you want to teach? Take up something better.
This biased behaviour of the society is pulling us down.

2 replies

Khushboo @khushboo

Yes, this is an undesirable behaviour by the society which is really not acceptable. We should not differentiate ourselves on basis of being boy or a girl. Let’s try to remove it from our society.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

True i completely agee with you. This is biased behavior of society who expects a girl that if she is doing the job then it is also her duty to take care of home. And at same time pressurise man to do something huge or earn more in a family. 
Thats so sad that we don’t accept person as they are and always want to change everything.


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