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The person I’m with is constantly like, tameez seekhlo tm, tmeez he Koi nahi tmhay, aik saal reh gaya ha before marriage and sudhar lo khud ko acha insan banjao.
Mere ghar aakay apni ye fazul harkatein na krna.

Eachtime I’m just left frustrated even more that what does this person expect from me? I don’t have friends I don’t go out? I focus on my career? I’m a complete introvert and the only person I make time for in the entire day to talk to is him and then I share how my entire day went and he judge me on everything, "tmhari soch bht kharab hai you need to work on yourself, he said this to me when I was sharing my point of view that everyone is talented and capable in their own views and I dislike people that judge people for getting less marks in exam and thinking these are farigh log and aren’t going to get anywhere in life because they don’t secure high grades at college " phir agay se tmhari soch is very toxic.

I feel ignored and less

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Good bless you!! Vese vo aesa kyu keh raha hai iske piche koi reason nahi hai toh phir… Samjhlo red flag, but If you think you really need to change and you want to, then do it for good…be a good person in your own eyes first baaki duniya gayi tel lene…

Shweta naidu @maggie123

Sister!!! Run!!! Before its too late

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