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The past two days have been difficult for me.The chaos around me and everyone just blasting about mental health on social media has been very much affecting me.I can’t sleep in the night due to these random thoughts and have been in a low mood ever since.Cant understand why this is happening to me

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Jatin Khurana @jatinkhuran...


Very similar things are happening to me, just trying to focus on my work.


Yes same things are happening to me too. I don’t know why. I feel hopeless. Because people pretend they care but in real they don’t. They make fun of people who suffer from depression.
Just surround yourself with really close friends and family who listen to you. Log out from social media for a while. Listen to music. Watch some feel good movie.


Do yourself a favour and reduce the time you spend on social media and news channels. You might wanna step away until this settles down a bit and get some peace.
You can call up a friend and talk. May be catch up with the people you haven’t been in touch for a while.
I was watching news and it depressed me to the core. And I thought to myself I have to protect my energy else I’m going to spiral down.
I did workout for 30 mins and felt really relaxed. I have decided not to look at social media and news channels and I spend my time doing something I like. I sing, sometimes dance. I have a self help book β€œHow to stop worrying and start living”.
It’s a big book so I try to read a chapter at least when my thoughts try to overpower me. I’m into humour so I watch stand up or shows like The Office, Friends, That 70s show.
Then there is youtube where there are self help videos which help me become better. My issues were majorly because of the relationships I had in the past so I follow Mathew Hussey. His channel helped me process my feelings constructively.
I try to understand myself, why am I feeling something and how can I process it logically without harming myself. We have internet and I have to thank the creators on youtube who have helped me a lot to understand myself.
Try it out. Hope this helps. Know one thing, you have survived all your battles and made it till here. And this isn’t new to you so you can do this and get past this zone. Life is great only if we remove these clouds that block our vision to the goods.
Stay strong. Come back here and talk to us if you want to share more. πŸ€—πŸ˜Š


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