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The other day I was feeling so down and depressed about my anxiety and overthinking,
like whatever I was trying I cant seem to be happy and it was driving me insane.
And I thought I come here and share my thoughts with you guys because you guys really helped me whenever I was feeling down but some person replied to my thought like
"find new reason to be happy " and I said I’m trying so hard but my anxiety and depression are always in the way and I told him my problem and he said “then you are finding new reason to be sad then” and that really bothered me , he made me feel worse than ever. no one chooses to be sad ,those who are suffering from depression and anxiety they knows the pain, so please if you cant help or understand please ignore ,don’t make it worse, please be kind .

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Really sorry to hear this. Yes, the platform is supposed to be helpful and it is but sometimes it’s does exact opposite. It can drive people more crazy than they already are. Have faced similar issue too. Heart goes out to you friend.


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