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The one thing I adore the most in this world is your precious smile, it’s so contagious and it always brightens up my day. I just realized that you’re always smiling every time I look at you and lately I started to get to know you more, that smile that used to bring me only happiness has become painful to watch because I can’t help but wonder if it’s really genuine or if you’re just hiding the fact that you’re in pain in order not to bother others and make them feel down. The thought of that breaks my heart, I’m afraid that I’ll never be able to know when you’re struggling and need help because you’ll always tell me not to worry, you’ll always tell me you’re okay. But I know you often don’t feel at your best and I also know you’ll never admit it while it’s happening, I just wish you’d only worry about yourself and stopped apologizing, all I care about is that you’re happy and healthy, everything else comes in second. So put yourself first and be happy cuz that already means the world to me, you don’t have to do anything else but that. Your beautiful smile will always make me emotional because I know just how hard it’s been and how many times you’ve had to fake it. Next time I see you smile I hope you really mean it. I want to get to know that you you try so hard to hide from me.

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