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Avni @avni

The mother wound is real. Anybody with an overpowering maternal influence will know the staggering amount of anxiety they cause. The belittling, the menacing talk, its too much and frankly, thats one of the most powerful reasons i chose to begin healing myself emotionally. These relationships confuse you and they make you question who you are. To anybody with a mother with a scathing tongue and low self esteem, i feel you. You have my solidarity. We can do better and be better. It takes time but detaching emotionally from the person will help. So will looking at them objectively and not engaging when they instigate you. It is hard. Probably the hardest thing you will do in a while but its all for the child that should have got better. Do it in the name of self love.

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Parents sometimes don’t understand the effect of themselves on their children


Both of us can be at fault. Start using a filter for what should affect you.

Khushboo @khushboo

True, i can understand you. Sometimes the relationship confuses us on our identity. We lose the real ourselves by too much dependent on others. 
But we can be better than them or i can say that we can become better person by self independency.


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