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The memories wont go away, that time we stole those kids bikes and rode them around then they cam back and I got scared and got in my car but you talked to them and told them we just wanted to ride them around, all those times we got caught kissing in my car by people at work, our first date at put put golf, homecoming day of course that was the best time we have ever had, when i picked you up for the football game, all those times we hung out before work, that time we went to your grandmas neighborhood and sat at the top overlooking the mall and then we went to find cats and we found one, all those drives to the shop together, that time we got juice stop, those times we went to walmart, when we made out in the back of work, when you would come help me babysit and when the kids went to sleep we would kiss on the couch one time the parents almost caught you, when I would always wear peppermint chapstick and you told me you liked it, when you cried with me. I wish I could forget everything but yet I just wish we didn’t end the way we did. I want to cry forever when I think about you.

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