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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

The last few weeks haven’t been easy. I’ve been more on the edge than usual, anxious about what awaits me with regard to my academic future. Today can be a prime example of the days that have passed. I’m nervous. I went through too many videos about medical college before I realised that it was making me panic. Here I am, sitting, unable to read what I wanted to, unable to watch what I wanted to. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna sleep on time either. Add to that the sudden craving that isn’t unexpected at such nerve wracking times. Food had been a constant companion through the difficult days for the last 4 years. But right now, I’m in the process of losing weight, so going back to my habits won’t do me good. There’s so much I feel like I could have done, could do now, and want to do in the future, but even thinking about it overwhelms me right now. I feel like screaming, I feel like breaking things, I only feel anger and angst. No tears are willing to come out now, so I’m not gonna get a release. I’m taking deep breaths, but telling myself to do that feels too mechanical to feel good.

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Hey please don’t be so much hard on yourself. You have come so far… Look back and see how you overcame so many hurdles to be where you are today… You are doing great trust me. You are exactly where you need to be. You have your own pace and you can conquer the whole world with this pace. Take a deep breath, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You have got this.

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Simran @st1199


Whenever you feel you are ready, whenever you feel you have gathered the courage to go for what you want from life, do it then. Doing something half-heartedly vs doing whole-heartedly makes a difference in things.

When you feel angry, take a pen and paper and scribble as hard as you can to take out the frustration so that you become relaxed. Or talk to friends they too help you in calming down and you vent out in front of them.

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Akash Dalal @skybroker


hi. there! ! kavya…
i would like you to thank you for taking care of yourself and being conscious about you being aware about what is making you feel good n bad.
and secondly i would like you hear from you more. you seems to be more comfortable in sharing i would like you to talk more about it as it helps you and lastly thank you for not giving up on yourself. πŸ’


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