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The kind of pain I am feeling right now is just too much to bear.

We were friends from 4 years, we were dating for more than 2 and now she has lost feelings for me? I mean it is possible considering our honeymoon period is overall and all but when you care for a relationship, you try to mend things not like ki seedha give up hi option hai?

We didnt able to talk much in last few months, i think thats why she lost interest in me. Its the first time in 4 years that we didnt talk for almost a day. My heart is paining so much, God please bring her back. Please make her love me plspslspsls

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Aman @chosenone

“God help those who help themselves”
Communicate with her. And remember what kind of person you were earlier she fall for, right now you are not that person. Remember who you are and rest will follow.

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I am also experiencing that same type of pain. It hurts so bad to be separated from Meredith. 


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