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The harsh reality is that no one knows what’s deep in my heart…no one knows what kinda person exactly I’m…
I feel uncomfortable expecting the response for my feelings even from my closed ones.
I have a crush who will never ever think of me.He knows that a person like me exists but still its beyond my thinking that I’m expecting him to love me.Its kinda impossible in many ways.Even after knowing all these I love him and want him very badly.As everyone say,if u love someone let them go.I think thats the only option left for me to do which I really don’t wanna do.If I take the chance to make a move then I’ll become a Cheapo in his eyes.Well,mission impossible.
I tried to get over it.I kinda stopped thinking about him but again it started.I love him.i don’t know what to do…

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Yes there might be no way of knowing what’s in his mind right now unless u suddenly can start reading minds… You are your boss… If you really think you love him let him know. Gone are the days of girls waiting around for the guy to ask her out.


Yaa… rn I’m not ready for a relationship.But I love him.He’s kinda my distant relative.Moreover He’s 5 years elder to me.If I make a move then I’m sure that he would reject me.And he’s related to our family so I will mess it up if I do that.thats the problem


Give it some time… Time can answer many questions…Let him be… You work on being a better, stronger and happier you. If he is destined for you, he will come around.




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