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Avni @avni

The extent to which we have unconsciously accepted our bodies as fundamentally flawed lies in the fact that for 23 years, i did not think i had a poor/ negative body image. Why would i? I was always skinny, fit into the smallest size and had no restrictions on my diet. Years later, i can see it began so early, my apprehension about certain clothes, my distinct aversion to standing next to girls with curves because i felt like a malnourished bag of bones next to them. It became so much that i avoided events, made myself invisible in baggy clothes and would smile good naturedly at skinny shaming comments. Now, as an adult, i try to make up to myself and my body. Its difficult, its weird and awkward but its step.

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No one 111 @jarul

It is definitely a positive step.


You should be proud of the progress that you’re making.


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