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The days are horrible and the nights are worst… It’s like I dont want to wake up anymore. And I am tired of hearing it gets better… Because it just doesnt…

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Idk if this helps but everyone are being through the same everyone are fighting for it
May be one day sun will rise for our happiness

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Simran @st1199

Would you like to share and talk it out?
At least it makes you feel light on your chest?😊


hey, I’m also in your situation. I lost my job about a week ago. I’m far away from my parents. but still, I haven’t said then that I don’t have a job anymore. Do you know what I think? hopeful and not stupid to wait for something to get better. I’m searching for a new job, making contacts, and hustling because I know for doers nothing is impossible. Without any action, there isn’t any reaction. So you listen up. dare to wake every morning and start hustle. thinking for something better won’t do anything but working for it does.


yeah its always easy for people at the other end to tell its going to be okay. and this is the time when you might feel that everything is going wrong. Having these thoughts is not wrong but turning your face away from that is not the solutiion either. Believe me, you will get through this. just write here with whatever you feel and just when you are sharing your thoughts, you yourself wil come up with the solution even before posting your thoughts. I am definite that you will get your answer and even might backspace the whole thing you wrote. its just that you have to listen to yourself. try it out and if it doesnt post the question and we are there to help you out.😉


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