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Avni @avni

The craziest thing happened recently. I wanted to start working but from home. After looking for weeks and no response i was interested in, i realised something.I was on another cycle in self sabotaging by finding ways to stay in my comfort zone and dismissing anything that wasnt it. I was feeding my fears and my soul felt so stuck and stifled. I just let out a huge exhale and i spoke out, actually spoke out and mind out i am not a verbose person, even if i am alone. I spoke - I allow the universe to manifest miracles in my life. I shit you not - i got a call from a school for an urgent requirement merely 10 mins later. I did not let myself think twice and said yes. Its challenging but i guess i am on a learning curve.The universe pushed my ass out of my home to make me experience stuff and i appreciate that.

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This is so inspiring. You’re absolutely right about the comfort zone. It’s actually the comfort zone which kills you.


needed to hear this. need to get out of my comfort zone as well.


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