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The concept of scholar ties and coats is so flawed. If you don’t have a blue coat you aren’t a good enough student. “Oh you you a blue tie , you will conduct the annual day assembly” it’s like caste system . The scholar students with different colored coats and ties are brahmins and the rest are untouchables. Schools need to understand that not everyone is a scholar and infact majority of the students don’t fall into the category of “scholars”. So instead of marginalizing the rest of the students as unworthy of opportunities , schools should work towards helping them get better , making them feel involved .

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The school system is fucked.

No one 111 @jarul

I have to disagree with that. Granted not everyone is cerebrally inclined, but there are a lot of people who study really hard all year and do deserve to be rewarded for it. Hard work pays off, complaining about those who work hard is getting you nowhere. I’m sure there are a lot of co curricular rewards too, like my school had the honor’s badge. A school can you lead you to the water, it can’t make you drink it.


I agree it just breaks the confidence slowly and gradually. But we need to stand strong for ourselves.


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