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The casual attitude that we have towards mental health is something that never enables us to develop our coping skills. The things like have some tea, take a trip, have some sleep give the temporary relief but the root cause is never addressed, self exploration is not even touched upon, the loss or the unhealthy patterns that we have developed over the years are not even known to us. It is very important for our own self that we don’t refrain from talking about the difficult issues. Actually we adopt a pattern where some days are good and we don’t even realise that something is there that we need to work upon and when unfavourable or disturbing days or conflict occurs, we choose to blame other people, isolate ourselves, and then again things become normal…this pattern goes on. So it’s important that we keep working on our emotional health consistently, and enjoy these lil joys of life

Talk to a therapist about your mental health struggles and reflect. If you are not comfortable talking to a therapist, start journaling, self exploration tool that will help you to regulate your emotions

What do you do when you struggle with emotions

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