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The biggest insecurity I have tbh would be being uncomfortable in my own body, like its something that I wish to get over because I don’t feel like I am the type to obsess over anyone’s physical appearance but with my own body, its like…not knowing what to do with your hands when getting your photographed clicked. The awkward uncomfortableness is just way too much.

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Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Let us stop letting physical beauty define us! There is so much more to ourselves. Moreover, everyone looks differently in more ways than we think! there is no right or beautiful type. There is just us!


I used to think 10 times before uploading anything on Instagram, noticing every detail of my picture. As I grew up, I stopped giving a fuck. Literally. I post whatever I want to, I post candids, anything and everything. Because I realised that in the end, all that matters is me and my happiness. Idc about what other people think of me and that gave me a loooot of confidence in life.


same, i get it. i think most of that is just induced and not something you’re conscious of as a child. and photographs are just tricky, I could never know how to pose, how to smile just right and not too much. i think it’s the obsession of our society with looks that forces us to over-scrutinise everything we do appearance wise, and especially if you’re female. idk how that obsession is for men, i mean it exists but probably not that much

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

One of the reasons for this is the constant need to look good in other people’s minds and not for our own selves. If we try to genuinely be happy and not just look happy, we could shift the paradigm.


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