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The best thing for me right now is to put a smile on my face and act everything is normal. Hide the pain whatever it is inside my heart. Coz all around me have their own set of problems and don’t want to give a listening ear. No one wants to hear me out.Great! As someone said I can’t afford to be depressed therapist ko bhi paise Dene padta h Jo mere paas ab bahut kam h

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Heyy. I don’t know what happened in ur life. But there will be a lot more people who care about you without u knowing. Since they haven’t shown up yet, let’s focus on ur self and mindset. I’m probably sure u are someone who’s amazing and beautiful. If you ever need someone to talk, I’ll always be here for you. So just let me know. Sending hugs ^^ ♡


Thank you. I struggle to articulate everything in a gist and nobody around me has that much patience to sit and ask. My own issue is that I keep regretting so much. I tend to think of the past a lot and I am afraid things will repeat or take an ugly turn that makes me constantly overthink and worrisome. My face reflects my feelings so my family would be like can’t you be happy. 🙄As if I don’t want to. Best part is my mom keeps an angry face when she knows I am angry. Mein udaas hu toh woh gussa ho jati h, mein bechain hu toh woh gussa ho jati hai. 🤷


Yeahh. I can relate to this mom part. You know what i do. Since they don’t care about me, i don’t even try to share my problems with them. I’m just here vibing alone. And do what i love. Try to choose a hobby and go with it. It surely will make you feel less lonely. If u don’t mind, wanna be friends?


Sure. I don’t know how to connect though


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