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Hmm @t4lk

The best advice I’ve been given and I wish that I knew when I was younger, is don’t be in a relationship with anyone you would not marry.
Here’s why~
•It’s a waste of time and it takes you off the market.
•Don’t worry too much about relationships.
•Build friendships and maybe one day you’ll meet your soulmate or maybe you’ll realise that you wanna spend rest of your life with your bestfriend.
•Your life should not be spent on trying to fall in love or having to worry about a partner.
•Your life right now should be spent on YOU finding yourself.
•Go to that party! Study hard!
•Hang out with the boys! Hangout with the girls!
~Because as you get older, all those people are going to be in their own lane doing their own thing. You’re gonna look back and regret not enjoying your life when you were young.
If you have a goal, reach for it!
If you don’t, don’t worry about it!

The Past is a Memory
The Future is an Imagination
And the Present? it’s a Gift!

Because trust me, Getting older comes fast!

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