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That moment that you are watching a comedy movie/anime and by the time you are laughing, you remember that this happiness is temporary then instead of happiness it turns to fear and sadness.

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I got u buddy


Maybe you have something in your mind. Talk it out. Maybe with any of your friend. Do not suppress your emotions because it will only result in void in your heart. Its okay to express and it is okay to cry sometimes. This thing you are talking about it is natural it happens sometimes and it is okay to feel this way but only sometimes not always. Try not to remain idle. Involve yourself in doing things that make you happy. Instead of being alone prefer being with your closed ones. And you can always talk to me

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Thanks guys. Maybe this is just the overthinking mode kicking in. Not so easy when you are so close to someone yet so far.


bro happiness is a mindset not a temporary thing ur mind likes to be sad ur body reacts what ur mind want to come out of ur mind if u think watching anime comedy movie is happiness u have a wrong definition of happiness happiness doesn’t comes from principally human relationships or materistic things just look out for…the surroundings u will know

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