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That feeling of being lonely
That feeling of being lost
That feeling of being sick when the lights turn off
That feeling of being depressed
That feeling of being anxious
That feeling of screaming to God
Begging him to take this

Only to get silence in return
I’d lay in that bed crying and I’d toss and I’d turn
And I turn and I toss to this day
The doctors gave me medication, the pastor said pray
I tried both and this anxiety still hasn’t gone away
So forgive me if I fantasise about being gone today

3 replies

Don’t take too much stress…
God will heal you from all pains you’re suffering right now .

Strawhat @strawhat

I hope whatever the difficult phase you are in passes quickly! ❤️


I guess you consulted wrong people.

It’s not bout a doctor to consult or a pastor to go to.

Sitting alone gives you an opportunity to meet your life n ask you your life that what it wants…


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