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Thank you letter:
I’ve recently realized how lucky I am to have the friends that I have, so I wanted to take the time to thank everyone to whom I’m incredibly grateful for, because I thought it would be good for me and my mental health to express gratitude, it reminds me that life is worth living. Thank you to Thea the person who wakes me up with sweet long messages of encouragement every day. Thank you to Grey, we’ve been through so much together, we’d always go to each other when in the middle of crisis, sharing our problems and calming each other down, they know everything about me, all my deepest secrets, my worst fears, my family problems and everything I’ve never been able to tell anyone else, they’re the first person i called that one time my brother lost it and was being very violent, they were there one on the phone with me helping me call the police, I would’ve never let anyone see me in that state, but i was never afraid of being vulnerable in front of them. Thank you to Victor, my favourite person to have deep talks with and share our love for music, talking to him has always been very therapeutic for me. Thank you to Mar for saving my life by being the best person I’ve ever met, loving her is what got me through all of this, i wouldn’t have been able to, had it been someone else, I’m so thankful you were my first love. Thank you to Ayu, we might not have the most loving relationship as in we are always bickering but he always makes me laugh, I actually love that our relationship is not so deep and neither are our conversations, we just talk about stupid stuff and act like idiots, it brings out the child out of me. Thank you to Vaina, we don’t talk anymore but you helped me make the hardest decisions, you helped me overcome my worst fears and do something that would change my life and make me feel proud of myself for being able to finally do it, thanks for being by my side that day. Thank you to Chan for always being so honest and making me feel less awkward, thank you for listening to my long rants and telling me I make them feel safe and that I am someone they can trust. And last but not least thank you to Kevin, for being my safe place, my home and my peace, for helping me accept myself and for always being so understanding. And to everyone else i didn’t mention thank u to u too, im sure at some point i felt grateful
This was probably so boring to everyone who don’t even know this ppl, but i just wanted to express it, to let it out.

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