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Sophie @sophiehope

Tell me what she has that I don’t? Why you were so fast to let go of us?
Because she’s all you wanted? It was my heart you didn’t want it. I gave you everything I had.
And all my friends are saying it’s you, it’s not me. I wish I could believe them. But she gets the flowers, right? The posts made about her. A love that is perfect, a love I deserved, a love that I gave you. I got excuses and you got to use this. You left me in the dust with nothing and just walked away. You tell me why I wasn’t enough. Even after all that I gave up for you. Was it too much to ask? For just a part of what I gave you back. Why was I so hard to love me the way I loved you? And you found your person, another girl. There’s nothing worse than knowing you’re happier with her. The way I wanted to be treated. You left me in the dust with nothing and just walked away. Do her eyes look better when they shine? Do her lips taste sweeter than mine? Does she look prettier when she cries? Was I just too hard to handle? Was I too emotionally unstable? You don’t want me, you never did. And I can’t change your mind now. But do I even want to now?

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