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Tell me something, who do I follow?
My psychologist said you would need therapy and medication for 6 months atleast, after I gave 3 tests naming ADD, MMPI-2 & ROR. My psychiatrist said you just have mild anxiety, and take these. And yes, I was in a rough patch when I gave those tests. So, who is telling the truth? Who to trust?

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Mango @mangoice

Well was the ADD test positive, and what results did the MMPI and ror test give? I’d say its not a bad idea to do therapy at all, but I would say just trust your gut. Psychiatrists diagnose illness, manage treatment and give therapy, and they tend to explain disorders from hormonal/chemical imbalance in the brain. Psychologist main thing is providing therapy, and they focus more on emotions/behaviors rather than neuroscience. So if you think you have trauma, or think this is purely emotional go with the psychologist, but if you think your hormones/brain is to blame, then go with your physiatrist.


yes I agree

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chnrv @chnrv

What will u do if u re buying a TV?
U go to multiple shops and choose the shop which is good.
So I recommend u to visit multiple doctors and then decide what to do


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