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JaY @its_jashu

Tbh, Living/Surviving in this world has become the most Problematic situation now a days… we have relationships, Family Responsibilities, Friends…

And at last we are here ended up like this… looking for some one to share with…

You know what drives/pushes us forward … ??


PS- I can be someone who you can Share with and I need really who I Can Share with…

But the thing is… i can help you out with words… you what hurts the most ??? Even if someone helps you out to move out from the you’re in… still you’re getting back on to the same…track…again… that kills the person…
But there will one who never gives up on you…
I’m the Kind of person…

But you know what people…in reality it didn’t work…🙃
I can help you cheer u with my words… I can’t step into your shoes or just go in to your brain and change your thoughts…

I"ll Make sure…at last you have some that needed in you’re life…
Hoping the Best person’s to meet/share with

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Jassi mishra @just_that_gu...

Heya !! Hope you’re doing well .
Sending love and strength !!

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JaY @its_jashu

How about You…


If you want to talk about something feel free to reply and we can talk about our issues.

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JaY @its_jashu

Hello there ! Sure !

Harshit @harshjeet


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Nanda @bounty

That’s true, we can only be a tool to help someone. It’s up to their head. But never forget to show love.

Sourav @stevesen

A helping hand is always appreciated my friend, may you be able to help a a lot people and have the courage overcome you own problems, not everybody this day are willing to listen ,sending love 🙏❤️


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