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tbh i’ve been doing great lately, I feel happy, excited about the future and at ease. I’ve gained so much confidence and i’ve realized that i am loved by many, I’ve sorrounded myself with people who understand me and whom i feel safe around. I can’t really distance myself from the negativity but I try to not let it get to me as much, I can easily ignore negative responses and people that aren’t the nicest with me because i know i’ve got people who are actually good to me so i should focus on them instead. Ive found my favorite person who has helped me grow and realized what an amazing person i am, someone who has inspired me to be myself unapologetically. I’ve also been really good cuz I have finally gotten over that ex i said i could never get over, the person i thought i’d be in love with forever. I love them but i’m not in love anymore and that feels good, i don’t have to stress about that either. I’m just in a very good place mentally, I feel comfortable in this new environment i’ve created for myself. There are still many things i have to work on but i’m getting there, some days i rlly feel healthier. I can’t wait to finally make my dreams come true and live the life i’ve always wanted. I know it won’t be always easy and bad times will come again but just like now i’ll get through anything that gets in the way and I know in the end i’ll be okay just like i am now. Life hasn’t been easy on me and these past few years i hit rock bottom, i thought i wouldn’t be able to live through this but hey, here i am, and i’m proud of myself for that. I don’t know if i’m strong, hiding all of my pain and only crying in secret, not facing my problems and constantly running away sounds quite weak of me but still, it makes me stronger than if i had just given up so i still want to tell myself that i’m proud, I tried my best.

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That’s great ! really happy for you


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