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Take a one read it’s a msg
I don’t know how you guys are going to react to this msg
This is the heart felt request and message to all the girls
As a guy I notice something jo bhot glt hai in our generation iske against stand lena kafi zaroori hai
Kuch so called faminist groups hai in our generation jo ldkiyo k dimg mai poison dal Rahi hai ki ladke hote hi khrab hai unki jaat hi asi hoti hai
Ye log apko use Krna chate hai ,
They just don’t care of your feelings ,
Ye log bs apko use and through Krna chate hai ,ye log bhot jada strong hote hai aggressive hote hai janwar hote hai ldke inse door hi rho
Ladko ka existence kafi jada dangerous hai ye thought build kr deti hai ye to the feminist
inko asa lgta hai ldke soachte nhi hai ,ldke sirf apna faida dekhte hai
Hn i agree ho skta hai ldke nhi soachte ,ldke itne mature nhi hote, unke pass dimg nhi hota
But one thing that I will never agree to this ki ladko k pass dil nhi hota
Ldke dimg se nhi dil se soachte hai emotional hote hai itne mature nhi hote possesive ho skte hai aggressive ho skte hai lekin isliye bze woh apko khone se drte hai woh soachte hai apko agr kho diya toh jiyenge kaise
Ho skta hai ladke kbhi kbhar hard ho jai handle krne k liye lekin woh isliye hota hai ladke bacho ki trh hote hai
Kisi cheez se lagaw ho jai toh woh chutegi nhi
Ho skta hai kch ldke ase ho jinhe apko bs use Krna ho
Lekin majority ldke ache hote hai or agr kisi ldke ne sche dil se pyaar kiya hai i can promise this to my life that woh apke liye seene pr goli khane ko Tayar ho jaiga asa nhi hai humari jaat ghatiya hai kch log humke badnam krte hai
Do comment below or dm

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I’m a guy and i stand with you brother !
Support and respect πŸ‘πŸ»βœ¨βœ¨

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Exactly ye cheez mention ki hai maine in other words πŸ€—

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