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super low…had lil argument with husband.Since mrng I m listening sad songs. Have no idea what to do…
In my previous job I didn’t get importance as much as I deserve.In my new job I gave my 100%,but unfortunately I am not getting paid.
I am sooo confused what’s going with me.I wanted to work in this office(low budget) but cant.I am thinking to do work from home.I can hide from my husband too.

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Good Morning. I understand what you mean - it’s tough - especially in this market with being employed. I suggest speaking with your manager about the non payment.

I’m guessing that the argument was about finances - we all go through those with our other halfs; I know I did with my husband in our earlier years of marriage (wow, that sounds weird for me to say)

Its frustrating not being able to provide when you want to. There are times where I want to get a higher paying job so we can have a better life but I enjoy where I work; it’s a constant internal struggle but then I look at my husband, at the house we bought (that was foreclosed and uninhabitable) and how far we’ve progressed with it. Yes, it could be better but it was a lot worse when we first got it.

I think marriage is like that initially - its messy at first; you’re learning how to be a married couple - what its like to be a spouse. I can’t say it gets easier, because we all evolve as people but I can say that the best tools in life is communication and acceptance.

We argue, fight, and hurt one another because we don’t understand why something was said or done. Take a breath and ask your husband, what is up? What’s going on? Can I help? Do you need a hug or a kiss? A spank on the butt?

It’s a difficult thing to do - especially when you’re struggling internally as well, but it can give us insight as to why we’re struggling with ourselves if we help someone else.

Good luck.


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