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Hey everyone!!

We’re back with the Super Empaths of the week!

What is ‘Super Empaths’?
Every week we handpick those Now&Me members who go that extra mile to help people. It can be ANYONE who spreads love and positivity among the Now&Me Family. Yes! Even you who’s reading this! 💖

It’s because of YOU that people feel less lonely. It’s YOU who comforts them, makes them feel like they are not alone in this journey, and helps them forget their tensions for a while.

A big shout-out to our top users for this week who have helped on the platform and used it in the best manner possible (keeping the sensitivity of users in mind). 💌

Super Empaths of the Week: 🦸‍♂️

🧡 @ishikamehta : This user simply likes to use the ‘Life’ tag and often asks people some well-thought deep questions and interacts with them on the thread.
🧡 @shru555 : This user’s favourite line is ‘‘Ayeeee babies 💕’’. They try to make other users feel that they should ‘take care of themselves no matter what’! They also try their best to give detailed explanation to their problems.
🧡 @riyaghosh : This user tries to motivate people by posting on the platform and also responds in a way that is quite easy to comprehend.
🧡 @monkeymind : This user likes to ask about people’s day and how they have been. They try to encourage them to interact and also try to provide a ‘wholesome vibe’ to other users!
🧡 @jay12 : This user likes to have a friendly chat with people and replies in a very comfy-way; as if they know them from a long time! They make other users feel heard.
🧡 @northstar : This user actively replies and shines bright like the ‘north star’! They try their best to give heartfelt suggestions to other users.

So all you Super Empaths pat yourself on the back for the amazing work that you do and more-so for the amazing person that you are! 🦋 💛 ✌️

SPECIAL MENTION: All you Anonymous users, don’t worry, we got you, we see you too! Ever grateful for the love you give to the community!! And so so proud of your conviction and courage to express yourself. 🌈

And the rest of the fam, stay tuned, you might be on the list next week! 🦸🏻✌️


Dear User, for your own safety, we urge you to NOT share any personal information [email, phone number, social media handles, address etc.] with other Now&Me users.

Post anonymously?

Thank you for this appreciation ❤️
You guys have made this small happy world and I’m so happy to be a part of of it 😘😘

I am not surprised with your name there becuz I was reading a post about how a man was struggling with money making and you really did a great job by helping him out. I am happy to meet selfless people like you here😇

I’m trying to help him its not done yet…we all are here to help with words or action that’s what I’m trying to do 💖

We’re glad to have such helpful and thoughtful users like you. Keep shining ⭐️


woahhh shruuu!!! congooo!!!




Damn, i didn’t see this coming
Thank you

Haha, we got you ❤️❤️


Thank you💖


@rivadhingra Just had to say this, whatever positive I’m theses days is because of this platform.
It’s like a small ray of life at the end of a dark tunnel.