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I wish the zombie apocalypse would start it might seem cruel that I  want humanity to end, but that isn’t the reason. The reason it is it will give me a reason to kill myself for good. it will give me a few days of not having to do anything to just be able to be here without anyone needing something from me. I won’t be scared it will only take a few days for me to relax on my own not needing to worry about school and exams and relationships mental health food. I will just need a few days to walk be alone and then when I’m done I can go. and ill have a solid reason to go. I’ve been thinking about ending it all a lot and I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna deal with the future.

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heyyy, i don’t know how to say this but the zombie apocalypse bit is too relatable. and somewhere, I may have said this jokingly but i know i really want this to happen ?
but i’m scared of the whole zombie bit, if death has to come I want it to just be snap and whoosh, no suffering
and as for you my friend, i feel you could do with a little escape at the moment. I think it’s getting too much for you, see if it’s possible for you to take a vacation or create some “me time” for yourself where you don’t have to take the burden of school, and exams and relationships and your mental health. You don’t have to end it all. You just have to end this feeling of despair because i genuinely know it gets really hard sometimes. and it gets too much to take on. 
and when you feel like it’s getting too much, just detach. don’t worry about the past, the future. Just focus on your breath and try to bring yourself into the present. Talk to someone who brings your solace, someone that uplifts your mood. Watch some things that have a positive impact in your life. Try to identify triggers, stressors and uplifters. Avoid the stressors, work on the triggers and stay close to things and people that feel like sunshine :)) hope you get there buddy, rooting for you, it’s not that bad…it’ll get better one day I promise, just hang in there ❤️

Kvicxoxo @kvicxoxo

I get it, I think about ending it all a lot too. Even when I’m in a really good situation celebrating with friends, I look around and think of ways I could kill myself. I think part of it is the control over your life. I can only speak for myself but if we hesitate maybe it’s bc we need something more from life


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