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Pranjali @pranjalihanda

Suggest some songs which make you feel happy! Songs w good vibes in other words?
Let them be English or Hindi.

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Meher Singh @mehersingh0

Hi! Sooo this is a list of songs that make ME really happy (in no particular order):

1. Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes
This song makes me think of travel and late-night car rides:)

2. September by Earth, Wind & Fire
You cannot help but feel happy when you listen to this song! Sounds best on the 21st night of September;)

3. That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars
Honestly, any Bruno Mars song is worthy to be on this list.

4. Fall in Love by Estelle feat. John Legend
This definitely comes to mind when I think of ‘songs with good vibes’.

5. Any old jazz song
I love Jazz music, and any jazz song puts me in a good mood.
I’ve lately been listening to a lot of lo-fi jazz music. These renditions of jazz songs are really calming and relaxing to listen to.
You can check out this lo-fi jazz playlist (that I will never get tired of) on youtube -

6. French songs
I love France as a country and French as a language, so these French songs make me really happy! It makes me think of French cafes, croissants, baguettes, berets…all the good things in life.
Check out this playlist of beautiful French songs:

7. Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys
This is just too good to not have on the list! 505 & R U Mine are great tracks too. Arctic Monkey songs are ~ELITE~

There are WAYYY more songs that I listen to, depending on the mood. I’d call myself a major stress-taker. I get anxious, and worry over the smallest of things. Music makes me feel at ease. It calms my nerves and takes me to a different zone, my happy place! I hope you can find something good on this list of songs!!


Meher Singh @mehersingh0

p.s if you DO check out the lofi playlist linked, I’d suggest going to the comment section - it might be the most positive thing you’ll see today 💛

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Pranjali @pranjalihanda

Ahh it is so sweet of you to write all that down for me! Means a lot! Definitely checking 'em out. ❤️


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