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Stuff has really been going down hill everyday I was about to commit I actually have no friends there’s no meaning my family are all against me brothers calling me some stuff… I was about to OD today and I was planing on making tomorrow my last day and leave without telling anyone everyday is just harder and harder, if it weren’t for this one girl that has helped me a lot I would be long gone, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be missed… a little background info I used to be addicted to cutting drinking and smoking. I was anorexic and now I’m relapsing…Help?. Me . I also got cheated on multiple times but by different guys… so I don’t feel anything anymore

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Simran @st1199

Too much stuff is going in your life which makes you feel that it’s better to die than live such a life.
But, see you have emerged stronger, didn’t you? You have experienced everything and you know what life can throw at you. I believe that people who are strong, God gives them immense strength to fight back and does shower with goodness in life. You will have your own share too. And to those who are talking behind you and make you feel worst their time will also come and they too will get their share of what they did to you.

What you can do is be positive, stay strong and hope for the best. Hope is the best thing one can have and I too abide by these rules in my life. 💛

shubham @shubhhhh

Listen up girl , life has been hard on you with all those. To cope up you got yourself some addiction and unfortunately you ended up on bad relationships. The things that you have to hold on. I know that you know this that you gotta keep strength.

But you acknowledging your drinking and smoking problems give clear indication that you are really good as a person trapped in a circumstances that’s getting worse and worse.

But if you are gone you miss your good moments too and there are enough to come in the future of those moments. Think upon this. You’ll be blessed with happiness someday. You really don’t want to trade these moments ? Do you ?

You can reach out and we can talk about you and I can try to help


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