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Zehra Aaa231 @zehra45

Stress happens when you hold two opposite thoughts in your mind about the same subject. I want that, but i cant have that. I should be doing this but i dont want to. This creates disharmony in the mind and gives rise to stressful emotions. When an opposing thought contradicts a desire, you have to either change the thought or let go of the desire. You cant drive two roads u have to pick one

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pratyush @pratyush_sahi

Just true lines

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Zealous @aidinghearts

Mind have million monkeys jumping here and there going no where at all. The moment you come across one meaningful thought, several unwanted thoughts will start clouding it. Healthy minds doesn’t bother and keep taming as many monkeys as possible, till it reaches to the one, essentially important to take a Decision.

But those who are over emotional, suffers lack of self esteem, have lost self confidence, they start getting anxiety and get carried away with every jumping monkey, leading to no where.

Only a master can tame monkeys, don’t be a slave of mind.



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