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Story one side you need to listen ;
Idk how it feels but we mens need efforts as well.
I am in a situationship and i love that girl
She is preparing for something and I don’t disturb her these days but at the time jab din khtm hota hai around 11pm i used to text every just to check how much she have prepared and is she going with speed .
Few days ago i was awake still 1:am because i was getting response from her if she is okay or completed her day or nor i don’t open snpcht some how i opened i saw her snap 2hrs ago watching movie that was not a problem but i was waiting isko itna time kyu laga padhne mai . When i saw the snap idk why literally i was about to cry .
This is a one side story .

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Vrinda Gupta @vrindagupta

I can feel you, but one-sided love ko bhag jaane do because i know how much it hurts care krte ho dusre bande ki tym dete ho dusre bande ko and return me na miley toh i know kaisa feel hota hai toh i would suggest that try to focus only on your career and don’t involve in one sided love things


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