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Soooooooooo…where do I start. As we all know we need at least 2 years of fitness/dance class to graduate no? well I specifically signed up for fitness because I hate dancing, it brings back old memories and makes me feel so stupid and I feel like a fool.
I go to an art school, I did dance for my whole middle school years and got out in 9th due to having to dance in stages. It was a big fear of mine and I even felt uncomfortable in my dance class but I was still there because I loved dancing. I hated looking in the mirror tho, though seeing my ugly fat self was disgusting compared to the skinny in my classes. After almost every class I would have a mental breakdown for not being sure if I was good enough, pretty enough. In my head, I was doing everything wrong. Seeing the fact that I had to drop out for my own mental health was sad for me. If it weren’t for my anxiety that got worse as in today then I would have stayed in dance.
I picked fitness because dancing brought those joyful days of mine that I want to forget, and the disturbing ones too. Both fitness teachers are dance teachers, which is why we dance in class. I just don’t understand why we have to dance in a fitness class, if people wanted to dance they would have chosen dance classes instead of fitness right? And I am sure I am not the only one in my class thinking this. I understand its the teacher’s passion but still. Both teachers can be found on the internet as they are known dancers so they like to add their choreography to our warm-up and want to make us remember it. Like no Do this to your dance classes.
It makes me so mad.

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