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sooo. i take dinner early and i work late hors, by the time it is even 10 o clock, i am munching something or the other and the munching turns into binging in no time. my mind feels the need to feed myself to push myself to keep working, i stress eat also. my anxiety and insecurities about my body fuel my binging further. it is like i know what I’m a doing is not right, but i don’t know how to quit

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I relate to this so much! Binging and then purging it out. It has such a mental toll on you


maybe you can try eating something relatively healthy to begin with and start to cut down on the quantity with time.


Snack on nuts , fruit , dates.

Kashika @kashika

Engage in healthy eating. I know stress foods are supposed to be high on calories and all, but if you are conscious enough I’m sure you’ll manage :))

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

I can understand. It is somewhat justified as you feel tired and hungry by that point!
Don’t blame yourself so much. Just prioritize, understand your schedule. Consciously force yourself to make the right food choices.


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