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Sooo got uninvited to a party because some people didn’t want me there…… I don’t feel anything right now and I’m scared what happens when I do. My sister was gonna take me and she’s going without me(not that I mind) I just don’t wanna get that feeling. I’ve been feeling pretty shitty for some time now but this …. I don’t wanna feel that wave

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Darrell Polega @b1gj1zz759

Oof. I felt this. The only advice I can give that’s worth giving is that, whatever you do, do not fight away that even of emotion so hard that it ends up repressed within you. Talk to someone, write it out on here, reach out to whoever is available. Just please feel it in as healthy a fashion as you can. and remember that there’s a lot to be said for knowing who is out there acting against your happiness. And if you aren’t the type of person who would do such a thing, then you already know how far ahead you are of that level of human behavior 💕


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