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Wooju @wooju

Soon this year is going to end!! Everything passed just in a moment!! There were days where we laughed and days where we cried!! Everyone went through a rollercoaster ride!! Mixed emotions, mixed feelings not able to let go of the things which hurt us but still giving chance to those people hurt you by expecting them to be sorry!!

Isn’t this year a little different compared to other years!! We ended up fighting alone in the dark room still fighting to search for light!! I believe everyone is strong unless they reach the place where they need to protect Someone!!

I’m really proud of you who is here today reading this!! You have done a great job! Keep going and never give up!! Most importantly Love yourself!!!
If you want to Love others you need to Love yourself first!!!

Happy New year!! Hope this year you will be more happy and healthy!!

Do remember you are beautiful! You are unique! Don’t let the world judge you because everyone has their own value and "Everyone is perfectly imperfect !!!

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