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Soo i just posted i needed a serious advice so listen up all i am a girl nearly 19 years old 2 years agor in 2020 my chem.teacher approached me that he likes me at that tym he was engaged and he emotionally blacmailed me and i could not resist to talk to him months passed by he physically touched me kissed me many times nd one day he just said its my marriage coming on i was shocked then what relation was your with me he started abusing me nd all then he got married i did nothing to take revenge then tym passed by he agin started to contact me sadly i responded again he took physical advantage of me once again then now almost afteer 2 years i got to know he do this to evwry girl in each session now i have proof and evwn chanve to let him learn a lesson so i am going to give committe an aplication is it alright?

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Strawhat @strawhat

Go ahead! Report him. More power to you girl ✊🏼


Thank u neha

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