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Sometimes you should always listen to your instincts they were never wrong.
In my case whenever I avoided i suffered and now whenever I think about it I feel so so stupid.
But I also know the fact that lessons are more important too.
Just a thought

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Mirson @positive_stone

Any personal incidents?? Hah

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anuj @anujvohra

Yeah true


I would like to talk about instincts and 6th sense sent you a connection request

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Gagandeep K. @gagandeep_ka...

True. Happens.
Sometimes your body learns few things prior to your mind and gives you instincts and hint. And sometimes your mind questions things makes you doubtful again and again and we ignore those instincts and questions through wrong rationale.

Hey, hope you’re doing okay…

More power to you.
If you feel like connecting for support, you can reach out to me as I’m a counselling psychologist:)


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