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Nandani @nandani

Sometimes you know that you have to take charge of your life, you are responsible for whatever happens in your life. And to be honest I am okay with everything that is happening…

But it has been more than a year, I have been talking to someone whom I met for around 10 mins last summer. It was okay at beginning but now I really am habituated of him, I really am attached to talking to him. I miss him so much and I know also that we can never be together - He is into a serious relationship with someone else ( I know this fact from the very beginning).

I know that we must be practical and I am a very practical person but I guess life has different plans.

Why I even talked so much with him… I really shouldn’t had to.

Lessons learnt-
- Don’t go with the flow as it always hurts at end
- Have a clear and practical approach towards life
- Never ever spend too much time with anybody expect your family … as nobody stays till
end and
- Never have expectations with anyone… Be self sufficient
- Don’t entertain, “Just some talk and conversation with anybody!”

I just wanted to share my feelings as I am not able to tell it to anybody. If you are reading till this line… then thanks for taking the time to read it.

If you want to leave behind any sort of message for me… then I’d love to listen to them.

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niti agti @aragni

Agreed to every word
Love and strength dear

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Nandani @nandani

Thank You @aragni


I agree to you
May you have a good life ahead🤗🤗

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Nandani @nandani

Thank You


Sometimes it just happens… You know your not supposed to attach yourself to a certain someone but it happens anyway… Then when they don’t reply to your text… You feel really hurt… But deep down you know your not entitled to it… The problem is how to let go… I dont know how to do it am experiencing the same… I know it’s not much help but your not alone… But i believe it will get easier with time… Just don’t expect much

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Nandani @nandani

But I am not hurt actually… just feels empty and I am angry with myself.

It’s not like he doesn’t replies… he does and he values people much. It’s just I am habituated of him so will keep myself engaged in other stuffs.

Loads of love to you. You just have to let it be and keep your mind engaged in other things and spend much time with family via call or in person.
It’ll surely help

Much Love


Thank you @Nandani

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Nandani @nandani

Pleasure is all mine dear🤗


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