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Joy @joyforlife

Sometimes we fall into a relationship, we already know how will this end up. Still we want to be in that. We enjoy the relationship, we enjoy the company of someone, we become happy with them. But after that we want to get more out of it, even if they don’t want. We start craving for attention. We want them nearby. We feel lonely without them. We think we can’t live without them.
I have just two things to ask…
Why were you into this when you already knew their intentions? Or you didn’t ask them directly, don’t you think you’re expecting much now?
When you started, this was the process which you actually loves, then why you have changed your love to the destiny which you can never get.
I know it sounds bitter, but ultimately if there is a mistake, we always need to fix it to live. Don’t live in pain, just let your heart free from such bonds. Stay free πŸ†“ stay positive ✌🏻 stay strong πŸ’ͺ stay happy πŸ€— stay blessed 😊

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I literally needed it
I’m in a long distance relationship and I can relate to every word you said
Because I’m on verge of breaking up with my boyfriend

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Joy @joyforlife


I can understand your pain dear. I think in this world everybody is selfish. It’s just a matter of percentage. Either 1% or 99%.
But when it comes to the love, you have all the rights for being selfish. You deserve the happiness too.
Don’t let someone be the reason of your happiness, who can easily steal that. Hope you be happy always πŸ€—


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