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AGirlHasNoName @agirlhasno...

Sometimes sharing seems like you’re talking too much.  It feels like people are tired of me ranting about things and terming me as an attention seeker and it feels insulting. They don’t insult you on the face but that’s a feeling which you get internally that people are really tired of your bullshit and sometimes you really need to shut up.
Maybe it’s not their fault. They don’t have such intentions but this is what you feel from the inside.
This is what I am feeling today so I am going to not share anything anymore with anyone. It’s better to talk to yourself rather than talking to people and feeling unwanted.

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As long as you don’t feel suffocated you can do self talk but it’s not at all good unless you make the choices unbiased. A counselor or a therapist can help you with different perspectives on the same thought, same can be with people. Don’t share everything with everyone, if you feel that you are comfortable talking with someone then only you share with them.

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Esa bhi kya hua 🤔

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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